rope-and-kettle-bellsLocated off McLoughlin in the Oak Grove area, between the Oak Grove Fred Myers and the Bomber Restaurant, Endurafit Training Facility is a fitness facility for everyone. From the beginner looking to start a routine and make their fitness goals a reality to the advanced athlete working on stepping up their game and athletic ability to another level, Endurafit Training Facility has the knowledgable experienced trainers to help accomplish any goal at any level!

Endurafit Training Facility offers classes and private training at convenient times through the entire day. It has been designed for only select professional personal trainers to work as private contractors who make their own schedules and charge their own rates. With large corporate gyms who focus on sales and memberships and who charge a fortune for personal training, Endurafit ables its trainers to charge much lower rates than the corporate gyms because of the focus on working directly with the trainer and not having to pay the high costs that the corporate middle man sets.


  • Optimize your workout time
  • Ensure proper form
  • Accurate assessment
  • Exercise safely through proper form and adequate rest
  • Everybody benefits from a trainer; the top athletes in the world still use trainers, so “knowing enough” to workout on your own is not an excuse
  • A trainer will push you beyond your comfort zone while staying within your limits. You won’t push yourself beyond your comfort zone
  • Personalization
  • Motivation
  • Improve flexibilty with assisted stretching
  • Easy accesss to a community and support system
  • Accountability
  • One on one training instruction (teaches how to use equipment properly)
  • Training/exercises specifically designed for clients and their goals
  • Custom designed routines for inside and outside of the gym
  • Custom nutrition plans, which include nutrition articles/info, nutrition checkups/grading and supplement plans
  • Monthly measurements…to ensure progress
  • Clients are free to choose convenient times that work with their schedule

Whats included with Xfit group classes:

  • Full body circuit routine pre-designed to boost metabolism, tone muscles and burn fat simultaneously
  • Two to three rounds of 14-16 exercises are accomplished in each class…THATS UP TO 48 EXERCISES PER CLASS!
  • Set times available in the mornings and evenings 5x a week (Mon-Fri)

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