Group Sessions

We offer 3 types of group classes…

Xfit classes (beginner/intermediate level), Interval circuits (Intermediate level) and Tabata classes (mix of resistance and cardio; Intermediate/advanced level)

Xfit group classes:

  • Full body circuit routine pre-designed to boost metabolism, tone muscles and burn fat simultaneously
  • Three rounds/sets of 14-16 exercises are accomplished in each class…THATS UP TO 48 EXERCISES PER CLASS!
  • Set times available in the mornings and evenings 5x a week (Mon-Fri)

Xfit session times

  • Mon@9am/5:30pm
  • Tue@6pm
  • Wed@8:30am/5:30pm
  • Thur@6pm
  • Fri@8:30am/6pm


Interval group classes:

  • This classes has 14-16 stations of beginning to moderately difficult compound lifts, as well as some lifts performed in the Xfit classes.
  • A typical class will perform 4 sets of 30 seconds at each station before rotating to the next.

Interval session times

  • Tue@10am
  • Thur@10:30am

Tabata style classes: (Only 4 clients will be allowed each class and must signup before hand)

  • This class is made up of 13 moderate to advanced level exercises.
  • Each person performs 60 seconds at two resistance exercises and then 2min of a type of cardio activity, then after a short break, the two resistance exercises change and continue to change after each short break.

Tabata session times

  • Sat@9:00 (signup is required)

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