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Ryan graduated from Lane College with a degree as a Fitness Specialist and Fitness Technician. Here he learned the tools needed to provide any individual with the most accurate knowledge they may need in reaching their goals and living a healthier life safely! He also interned as an assistant to the physical therapist at Lane. After graduation he began working for 24hour Fitness as a Certified Personal Trainer. While there, he started to build a client base and learned the ins and outs of the corporate structure to running a fitness facility. After working for a large corporation like 24Hour Fitness, he decided to move on and build a business as a privately contracted personal trainer. In doing this he was able to get out of the “cookie cutter,” sales-oriented way of training that most large corporations will teach, promote an approach to changing lives in a way that is affordable, realistic and something that his clients can learn/take with them for the rest of their lives. Most importantly, to provide a better and more personable service to his clients!

Ryan works with a variety of clients from the individual trying to lose weight to the athlete who needs someone to educate and push them to improve their game. His clients are individuals who have found a value in his professional abilities to help them however they may need. Ryan takes pride in his versatility to be able to help in anyway that he possibly can! Because of this, he has also worked in a more clinical setting as an exercise rehab provider for a chiropractic clinic. With the help from a number of well established doctors, Ryan has developed an exercise therapy program for the clinic. While here, he treated conditions of lumbar, thoracic and cervical pain. Some patients have acute and chronic pain. He used his education and experience to determine the best exercise/stretching program to reduce pain, increase strength/flexibility, correct bio-mechanical in-balances and prevent future injury. He had been doing this for over four years. Ryan has been a personal trainer since 2007 and is just one of the professionally educated, highly motivated certified personal trainers ready and willing to help change your life and make the goals you’ve tried to achieve over and over a reality!!!
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Ryan Patterson

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