I began working out with Ryan in February of 2011. At that time I felt that I was in decent shape but I was getting bored and wanted to learn some new approaches to my workout routine. Right from the start I liked Ryan’s approach; his advice is practical and his view of his clients is holistic. He has high expectations but he really helps you to make progress in a sound and consistent manner.

I felt that Ryan really listened to what my objectives were in my physical training. A very personalized routine was developed for me that fit into my work schedule and focused on my own goals. As I made progress, Ryan would make changes to the routine to keep it relevant to my current state of health. He provided excellent advice and information on nutrition (including recipes), great explanations on which supplements would be most effective for me and sound guidance on how to avoid injury while working out.

I was very impressed with how well Ryan monitored my progress. Every month measurements are taken and BF% (Body Fat Percentage) is assessed. When I began working out with Ryan my weight was
176lbs and my BF% was 18.3%. Not bad for a man or 49, but I wanted to improve. Within 6 month I had dropped 11lbs in JUST fat and my BF% was now 12%, putting me in the “Excellent” range—not only for a man of my age, but for a man half my age. During that time I increased my lean muscle mass and increased my strength and endurance. I have never been in better physical shape and I have a lot more confidence in my ability to affect change in my life. The benefits of working with Ryan go well beyond the physical results that are achieved. This is truly life changing stuff!


I have worked with Ryan Patterson for nearly 5 years. Getting fit has become a focus in my life. I have worked with other trainers in the past, but none can measure to Ryan`s expertise and wealth of knowledge concerning the “machine,” the human body. I have made several improvements personally, increasing my muscle mass, thus decreasing my body fat percentage and of course lowering my dress size. Wanting to look good of course plays a role, but as I age, I am looking ahead and want to prevent issues that plague us as we enter the "golden" years. No one can put a price on health and fitness. Believe me, it`s worth it!


I've been working with Ryan at Endurafit for a little over a year.  My goal has been to get rid of my gut, put on upper body muscle, and generally be in good physical shape and health.

For me, it has been about learning more than just the movements and ways to exercise properly; it's been about learning habits you carry through each week when you eat, when you exercise, and how to make the most of out of the time you spend doing the right things for your body.  I've had a few trainers in the past.  I've never had a trainer as professional and as focused on helping me achieve my fitness goals as Ryan has been.

In my year with him I have shed the weight, dramatically increased my physical strength, and have a personal appearance that I am proud of.  For the first time in 10 years, I'm not afraid to take of my shirt in public.  And I've learned how to eat well but properly to help my body work its best.


I have been working out with Ryan Patterson over the last year and a half. When I first got weighed and Ryan took my measurements (circumference/body fat percentage) it was a real eye opener!! I had been with another trainer for two years prior to meeting Ryan and really never felt a real change in my appearance. I truly  thought that this was MY body type! So live with it! No other trainer bothered to take the time to show where my starting point was and for me that’s very important. Ryan makes it a point to take measurements every 30 days. That totally keeps me in check with the exercise I do on my own and my diet. Ryan's workouts are very personalized pending on what part of your body you are most wanting to improve. Ryan's  personal interest in how you are feeling and concern about your overall health is over the top! Over the last year and a half I have lost over twelve pounds in weight on the scale and my body fat went down 8%, which is about 14 lbs in JUST fat! I have learned some lifelong health habits and am in the best shape of my life! 


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