Endurafit Training Facility

Endurafit Training Facility offers classes and private training at convenient times through the entire day. It has been designed for only select professional personal trainers to work as private contractors who make their own schedules and charge their own rates. With large corporate gyms who focus on sales and memberships and who charge a fortune for personal training, Endurafit ables its trainers to charge much lower rates than the corporate gyms because of the focus on working directly with the trainer and not having to pay the high costs that the corporate middle-man sets.

The Endurafit Training Facility equipment:

- Treadmills
- Ellipticals
- Hammer Strength bench press
-Troy barbells
- Technogym abductor machine
- Technogym adductor machine
- Hammer Strength ground base twist combo machine
- Stair Master Assisted pull-up machine
- Plyo boxes (multiple heights available)
- Mts Hammer Strength Shoulder press
- Maxicam Lateral raise machine
- Hammer Strength Iso Row machine
- Hammer Strength Iso Chest press machine
- Bumper plates
- Kettle bells
- Dumbbells
- TRX suspension straps
- Hex bar
- Training Ropes (multiple lengths and weights available)
- Medicine balls
- Elite sand bags (for functional training)
- Smith machine squat rack
- Multi cable machines (w/multiple attachments)
- Weighted sled
- Bench press
- Leg press
- Leg curl
- Multi function machine (Shoulder press, lat pulldown, squat, reverse pulldown, bench press, leg extension, preacher curl, reverse lunge functions)
- Preacher curl
- Jump ropes
- Weighted jump ropes
- Fitness balls
- Bosu balls
- Weighted Slam balls
- Olympic bars
- Slosh tubes
- Free moving incline/decline benches
- Lateral bands
- Balance boards
- Stabilization pads (multiple sizes available)
- Foam rollers
- Thera bands
- Thousands of pounds of free weights available

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